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Our Mission

Oxford Tutoring Center’s mission is to deliver unparalleled individual academic support to our students. Particularly, we seek to promote each student’s intellectual growth in a stimulating, relationship-based setting that adapts to individual learning styles and needs. Our flexible course options and tutoring programs are constructed to easily mold to students’ schedules, learning styles, and academic goals. Oxford Tutoring instructors are dedicated and well-trained to teach in the way individuals learn.“We teach the way you learn.”




Sessions can be customized to focus on advancement, skill-building, homework help, standardized test preparation or a combination of these areas.  Whether your child is struggling, at-level or advanced, he or she will achieve significant results from instruction that directly targets individual needs, rather than group norms.

Homework Help & Study Skills

Oxford Tutoring will help your child achieve measurable classroom grade increases through assistance with class work and study skills.  We achieve these gains through building your child’s sub-skills, communicating with teachers, and building effective study habits.  As your child     progresses, he or she will become more motivated, confident and independent in his or her studies.

Skill-building & Advancement

Whether your child is advanced or struggling, Oxford Tutoring can provide the essential skill-building to challenge him or her to achieve. Based upon your child’s initial assessment, Oxford Tutoring will create an individualized learning plan specific to your child’s needs. This plan will enable your child to fill-in knowledge gaps or tackle advanced material that will challenges and motivates.


Whether your child is preparing for classroom exams or standardized tests, Oxford Tutoring can help you child master fundamentals test-taking skills.  For specific information regarding the STAR tests (CAT-6/SAT-9, CST), the high school exit exam (CAHSEE) or college entrance exams (SAT I, SAT Subject Tests, ACT), or district-specific exams, refer to our program descriptions.


Summer is a wonderful opportunity to challenge your child and prepare for next year.  In Oxford Tutoring’s summer enrichment programs, your child may enroll for private tutoring or small-group bridge courses that prepare him or her for the upcoming school year.  Oxford Tutoring provides math and English courses for all grade levels, Kindergarten through twelfth grade.


Applying for college can be complicated!  Oxford Tutoring can assist your child in selecting the right high school courses, completing college applications, and writing effective application essays.  Additionally, through enrollment in our SAT or ACT tutoring programs, you can be assured of submitting a competitive application to the college of your choice. 

TRANSITIONAL SKILLS:  Foster Youth Services

In addition to private tutoring and test preparation, Oxford Tutoring offers vocational training for students receiving foster youth services.  These programs include instruction in computer technology, job seeking, interviewing, and placement in community internships.  Additionally, assistance with post-secondary applications to vocational schools, community colleges and universities is provided.  All programs are designed to facilitate a successful transition to independence. 

AFTER-SCHOOL TUTORING:  Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

For students deemed eligible by their school district, Oxford Tutoring provides state-funded tutoring to improve students’ performance on the California Standards Test (CST).  Instruction is provided in individual and small-group tutoring sessions at your child’s school, in your home, or at our center. 
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"The commitment, caring and positive reinforcement given by all instructors at Oxford Tutoring made the difference for my grandson."

− Mike S.

"I finally passed the CSET with your help. The instructors at Oxford Tutoring made me feel comfortable and helped me build my confident to get throught the test. I've couldn't have passed the test without Oxford Tutoring."

− Peggy S.

"Thanks for your expertise and professionalism. Oxford Tutoring is well run and realizes the high standards it sets. Also, thanks for being flexible with my child's schedule during football and basketball season."

− Joy M.

"The dedication shown to the students at OTC is a credit to you and your staff members. The help your instructors have given your students amounts to a lifetime of knowlege."

− Judy S.

"Our daughter's confidence level and self-worth have both improved greatly. We highly recommend your service."

− Lina B.

"Oxford Tutoring has done wonders for both my daughters. They now enjoy and understand math for the first time."

− Bob K. M.D.